Make your own Peppero's!

For those of you living outside of Korea- let me give you some insight in to what a peppero is and what peppero day is all about.

A peppero is a chocolate (and sometimes nut) covered bread stick. If you were to put one peppero flat on a table it would look like a number 1. If you placed two side-by-side they would look like the number 11. Keeping this in mind, Lotte, a huge company in Korea came up with the most ingenious marketing idea ever, to dub the 11th of the 11th "national peppero day" in Korea. So basically everyone goes around buying peppero's for people they like. As today is the 11th of the 11th of 2011 peppero day is even more popular than normal.

As a teacher- I've gotta say I cashed in big today when it came to receiving these chocolate covered treats.   But in anticipation of this happening I decided to make my own pepperos to give to my students, fellow teachers and friends.

You will need:
Bread sticks/ pretzel sticks
Chocolate chips ( or a slab of chocolate)
Some 100's and 1000's, crushed nuts, coconut or anything else you feel like decorating and adding flavor to  your stick with
Some plastic sleves
Ribbon or other stationary to decorate your package with

How to do it:

  1. Start off by melting the chocolate chips. To do this I suggest bringing half a pot of water to boil, placing a bowl on top of the pot (make sure that the bowl isn't plastic so that it wont melt), then putting the chocolate chips into the bowl and turning the heat down on the stove as low as it can go. I use this method so that the chocolate doesn't burn.
  2. Get your bread/pretzel stick and dip it in the chocolate, if you're struggling to cover the stick in chocolate, scoop some chocolate onto a spoon and run the stick across the spoon while turning it to make sure the stick is covered all around.
  3. While the chocolate on the stick is still wet dip the stick into shaved coconut or nuts or 100's and 1000's (or just leave plain) and then leave to dry.
  4. Once you're finished with one colour of chocolate rinse the dish on the pot and start again.
  5. When you have enough sticks, place them inside plastic packets and decorate to your hearts content.

It's a cute and fun do it yourself activity, doesn't cost too much and can be decorated to suit any occasion really (so maybe keep this in mind for christmas).


  1. Ah you are so clever!! Wish I'd know about this before today, would definitely have tried it! I'll do it for Xmas :)

  2. Thanks so much Clare! I only thought about it on Wednesday- it's a bit late, but like you say, maybe Christmas!

  3. I loved this DIY peppero idea, and I loved receivin them as a gift on peppero day as when my school asked me to do a 'simple cook' section with the kids for winter camp, I rememberd this idea and found myself back on this page for help! Its an awesome fun idea, which i know my students will love as well!Thanks Krystle!