What a lucky fish! My Diana dream comes true

You know when your just having a royally poo day, where nothing seems to be going your way and you being to wonder why you bothered getting out of bed?! Well last week, that was me. On the brink of tears and feeling particularly sorry for myself I was trying to pull it together- when the postman knocked on the door.

Not accustomed to getting mail I flippantly flipped though the post to see who to give what to, when a little postage slip with my name on it caught my eye! Intrigued I looked a little closer to see if I could see any hint of who sent it, or where it came from.

My curiosity grew even more when I saw it came from a close friend in Korea. Not expecting anything from anyone, and desperately needing a short break, I quickly popped out of the office. And there I was greeted by a lovely brown box. I ripped the tape off the box only to uncover the most heart-felt and wonderful post-card with a Diana mini attached.

I can't even put into words how touched I was, and still am by the gift. Months ago, before I left Korea, this particular friend and I saw a Diana in the shop and I 'oohed' and 'aahed' over how much I wanted one, at the time Charlie and I were frantically saving every last penny before coming back to South Africa and I had to put my wish on hold. Even more sweet is that my friend had remembered that I love 'Hello Kitty' (I even have the cell-phone cover) and had bought me a 'Hello Kitty' themed Diana.

The package was so much more than a camera, it was all the thought and kindness that went into it. I'm so blessed to have so many thoughtful and wonderful friends.

Can't wait to get snapping!


  1. yay hello kitty!

  2. And your friends are equally blessed to have YOU!