The secret behind the Sock Bun! *Loving it*

Because procrastination is what I do best, I found myself browsing around Pinterest this morning, and stumbled across the most ingenious idea ever! Now I warn you, I may be a little late coming to the party here, but how cool is this Secret Sock Bun mission it seems every one has gone on without me!

Not only does it create the perfect bun! But if you dampen your hair before you put it in the bun, and sleep on it, you will awake with luscious locks! Brilliant I tell you.

Check out these two links for the low-down on the how-to. And let me know what you think! I'll definitely be trying this out in the next few days, and will let you know how it goes. Till then, happy secret socking!

Click here to find out how to make a sock bun, and here to find out how to create luscious locks with a sock bun!

Celebrating Valentines Day with a movie :)

I really consider myself one of the lucky ones when it comes to love, which is why doing next to nothing last night was perfect.

Charlie Brown and I snuggled in for the night, indulged on some junk food (which in itself was a big treat as we're trying to drop some pounds before heading back to South Africa) and watched an old school romance staring a much younger Sandra Bullock, called While You Were Sleeping.

If you're looking for a feel-good movie make sure to watch this, it definitely has my stamp of approval.

Don't worry, be happy!

I am such a stress pot at the moment, between packing up and moving countries, to planning an engagement party, to wrapping up a job, to looking for a new job, all the while planning a holiday. My life is in total chaos. But I haven't forgotten about you, and as soon as life calms down I will write more frequently. Promise.

In the meantime, I leave you with this, a friend of mine posted it on Facebook, and as I'm probably not the happiest person to be around at the moment, it made me think about what's important.

So on that note i'll bid you farewell for today at least! Happy Monday

Should I take my Point and Shoot or DSLR on holiday?

Going on holiday, something I simply cannot live without is a Camera. But this holiday I found myself in a difficult position, having to chose which of my two loves I would take with me, my Canon S95 Point and Shoot or my Canon D600 DSLR.

To be honest I hadn't really given it much thought, as I felt the Point and Shoot was the obvious option. Not only is my DSLR a lot bigger than my point and shoot, but it's also a lot more expensive especially with a lens attached. So expensive in fact, that it cost more than our whole holiday combined. I knew losing it, or more likely it being stolen, would ruin my holiday and I just didn't want to take the risk.

Enter Mike, my photography teacher, who almost fell of off his chair when I told him I wasn't going to take my DSLR. "Why not!?" He exclaimed in confusion. And pointed out the fact that I bought the camera to take awesome pictures with, so why would I not take it with me going on an awesome overseas adventure, where there would surely be countless awesome photo opportunities?

Lets face it, he made a pretty valid point, so I took it with me instead of the Point and Shoot.

The Bottom Line

DSLR's and Point and Shoots serve very different functions in my opinions, I mean obviously they both take photographs, but it's likely with the proper lens and maybe a flash the DSLR is going to take substantially better photo's. That being said a point and shoot is a lot more practical and easy to carry around.

I don't for a second regret taking my DSLR, it was so much fun to experiment with and take some great quality photos, but I definitely missed the convenience of my point and shoot, especially when I wasn't in the safest of areas.

For me, the next time I go on holiday the choice will be obvious, I'll take both. Like Mike said, "Why have a camera if you're to afraid to use it," but there were times that I just wanted to take a quick snap of something and almost couldn't be bothered to take my big DSLR out of the bag, put the strap around my neck, take the lens cap off, turn the screen around, turn the camera on and adjust the settings.

So there you have it, my two cents, TAKE BOTH!