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I must admit, I'm very much a monogamist when it comes to the brands in my life. I like packaging to match, and I have a high quality control standard, so when I find a brand I love, I stick to it.

Its no secret that I am a huge fan of MAC makeup, and although I know its expensive, I'd rather buy one eye shadow that I know will last me for ages and stay on my face as long as I need it to, then 5 cheaper eye shadows that have questionable quality and that I'm probably going to have to ditch in a few months. I'm definitely a quality over quantity kinda girl.

That being said- I'm not blinded by brand loyalty and if there's a worthy product out there I'm definitely willing to give it a try!

A few days ago I was killing a bit of time on Gmarket (a korean internet shopping site) when I stumbled across Clio's Gelpresso waterproof pencil gel eyeliner, it was on special for 9 900won as opposed to its normal price of 12 000won and came in an awesome Jade green colour that I had been looking for, for ages. I had some money in my online account and thought I'd give it a try.

2 days later it arrived in the post. I tried it out yesterday and am really satisfied with the results. The pencil goes on easily and smoothly. Its soft tip is great for delicate eyelids and the results really last all day- no smudging what-so-ever.

The pencil comes in 8 great colours including; star purple, metallic silver, golden black, chic navy, jade green, golden khaki and dark choco. I'm going to give chic navy a go next.

I'm so impressed with the product I plan on trying out some of Clio's other products. They have the coolest range called "art" with some really awesome packaging and a lot of variety. There are 5 blusher colours, 2 highlighter colours and 52 different eyeshaddow colours. For more info about Clio go here.

Some of their cool packaging.
Source: clio.co.kr


  1. LOVE GELXPRESSO! went on a hunt after I saw the ad

  2. Clio is my Korean eyeliner of choice! I have been using their twist up pencil liner for a couple of years now and I won't bother using anything else! (You know, when you got a good thing going...) I recently tried their liquid liner and now I can't wait to try Gelpresso!Thanks for the heads up! *^-^* ...is that Gmarket sale still on?!

  3. Oh! I must try the eyeliner! Looks like the special is still on! Go here http://english.gmarket.co.kr/challenge/neo_goods/goods.asp?goodscode=224629861 :) If you buy anything let me know:)

  4. Phinx- where did you buy yours from?