30 days of me: Day 4

Today's challenge is about a habit I wish I didn't have, I have quite a few bad habits so it was difficult to choose between them. But I guess the habit I hate the most is how much I worry.

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I worry about things that have happened, things that haven't happen, things that shouldn't happen, and things that could happen, it's a totally exhausting task living in my head sometimes.

A clever person once told me there's no point in worrying about something if you can't do anything about it, and if you can do something about it, well then there's no need to worry, because you're doing something.
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Never the less controlling my worry is a daily struggle, if you knew some of the things I worry about it would probably be hard not to laugh. But like I said, it's something I'm working on and I'm getting a lot better at not stressing the small stuff (although this entails multiple self pep talks).

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