I'm Back!!!

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After a much needed and well deserved holiday I'm back in South Korea after my 2 week get-away with Charlie Brown to Singapore and Malaysia!

The holiday was great and it was so amazing getting to reconnect with Charlie Brown. You can expect lots of pictures and details coming your way soon!

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Unfortunately, no rest for the wicked, as I only have a month left of my two year contract in Korea, it's time to start packing, say hard goodbyes, get all my ducks in order, and prepare for the year that lies ahead.

Exciting times:)

A travel tip or two

I have done my fair share of traveling in the last 2 years, specifically around South East Asia and thought I'd share some of the things I find helpful.

Secret Money-belt
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Now I know the very mention of the word money-belt has most of your cringing. But the secret money belt really is my top tip. I bought one in the airport on my first trip out of Korea, and have stuck with it ever since. If your not staying in the classiest of establishments and worry about your money and passports safety, this is a great buy. Take a little money out each day for your daily spending and place the rest of it in the money belt along with your passport or credit card. Put the belt inside your pants/skirt/shorts so that no one but you even know's it's. That way, even if  you are mugged or your bag is unfortunately stolen, your important documentation  and majority of money is safe inside your pants:P

Roll your clothes
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That's right ladies and gents rolling your clothes tightly instead of folding them not only lessens the chance of wrinkles but it also saves a lot of space. Try it out, you'll see.

Cash passport or global ATM card
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If you're like me and don't own a credit card things can get a little tricky! I find travelers checks are such a burden these days, especially when going to more rural destinations, changing them can be a pain in the bum. But at the same time as saying that, who wants the responsibility of all that cash! What Charlie and I like to do is split the spending money carrying some of it in cash and the rest of it in a cash passport or global ATM card. If you are currently living in Korea KEB bank offers a great global ATM card that works at any ATM that sports a 'Plus' logo. * Cash passports are not available to foreigners living in Korea.

Take some over-the-counter medicine with you
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Take a basic medicine with you, traveling in South East Asia your risk of getting an upset tummy, or headache from the heat is likely.  We once got caught without pain killers in America, and had to pay a hefty doctors bill just so that he could prescribe some.

Take a towel
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Having been used to traveling with my parents and staying in "fancier" joints, it never occurred to me that in a less fancy place I might need to take my own bath/beach towel, so that's just a heads up.

Pack sensibly
If you're traveling in South East Asia, (well traveling like me on a budget), it's really not a fashion show, take some slops/thongs and maybe a pair of trainers. But seriously- you don't need those stilettos! Most of the time it's pretty humid so take light and comfy clothing and a few beach wear items.

The less you take, the less you risk losing
Traveling has its risks, and maybe I'm a little overly cautions, but I try to avoid taking any unnecessary special/ expensive items. If you want to accessorize take some costume jewelry that you don't mind losing to much. Or take items that you will ware every day. Don't take expensive/lavish jewelry changes.

Leave space in that bag
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It's easily to cheaply shop up a storm in South East Asia, so make sure you haven't reached that 20 kilogram luggage limit before you've even left your house.

Think safe
Send a family member/ close friend your travel schedule, including flight details, hotels, dates and a copy of your passport. So that if anything happens someone will be able to help, or at least know where you are.

Carry a bottle of water
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Hot weather conditions and site seeing will often leave you thirsty. Make sure to carry arround a bottle of water, not only will it keep you hydrated but it will save you money not having to buy a drink every time you're a little thirsty.

Happy Traveling

A well deserved winter break!

While the rest of the world seems to be settling down into the new work year, most foreign teachers in Korea are getting ready for their winter break. Charlie Brown and I are no exception to this and will be taking flight this Saturday! 18 days of bliss await us and I really can't wait!

First stop, Singapore, followed by some Malaysia exploration, we'll be heading to Penang, Langkawi and of course Kuala Lumpur.

Excluding the traveling in-between destinations, we're trying to spend roughly four days in each spot. Four days is not a lot of time in one place, and I don't want to miss out on anything important, which means I've spent days searching the internet for must do activities and must see destinations. Keep and eye out for some of my findings!

25 ingenious little ideas

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I came across this awesome post on The Daily Buzz today, and as I'm a firm believer that caring is sharing I couldn't help myself!

If your interested in helpful tips to uncomplicate the little things, go here!

Scavenger hunt fun

Looking for a fun activity for your kids or students? Well look no further! Scavenger hunts are so much fun to participate in and cost barely anything to put together.

You can create a specific theme or just combine a bunch of random activities.
  • Build a snow man and take a picture
  • Hit a ping pong ball with a bat 20 times without dropping the ball ( if you drop the ball start again)
  • Take a photo of you and an animal
  • Find Bella and Edward ( I made this scavenger hunt for my students and one of the english books in their classroom is Twilight)
  • Sing a whole Karaoke song
  • Build a house of cards
  • Move 3 ping pong balls from one table to another using only a straw
  • Build a tower out of paper cups
  • Design an outfit using only newspaper and scotch tape
  • Read a sentence or paragraph backwards (depending on students age or english capabilities.
  • Blow a bubble with Chewing gum
  • Balance a ball on your head for 20 seconds
  • Drink 5 cups of water in 30 seconds
  • Count to ten in another language
  • Paint a team mates face with face paint
  • Skip on the spot for 1minute
There are just a few fun ideas, I placed colourful envelopes all arround the school with clues and instructions for the next task. Inside each envelope were numbered stickers. Students had to complete the task and collect the stickers in the correct number order.

Happy Hunting

Gel vs. liquid eyeliner

The two contenders come head to head! 
On the left, always bold in black, MAC's eye-liner gel competing with the ever sleek, MAC's liquid eyeliner on the right.

Eye-liner gel
Don't be mislead, this little pot packs a mighty punch and definitely provides bang for your buck as it lasts forever!

In my opinion it's much easier to apply than the liquid liner. It allows a greater margin for error when applying and provides more control than one might get from the liquid gel brush.

Over-all I find the gel provides a slightly softer look than the liquid liner.

Liquid Eye Liner
Bolder than then gel liner, liquid liner definitely makes a strong sleek statement. Perfect for nights on the prowl or achieving a clean cat eye.

It's slightly more difficult to master applying, and hard to correct if you make a mistake. However,
one of the great benefits of the liquid eye liner is that you don't have to buy (and carry around) a special brush just to apply it.

Another perk of this magic little product is that I find it lasts much longer on your face and is a lot less likely to smudge than the gel liner.

The winner
It's hard to say and I honestly can't chose, I own them both and use them both as regularly as each other. I tend to go with the gel liner when I'm going to work, want a softer look and need something I can apply with ease in a rush (which I often am in the morning). That being said the liquid liner is the first thing I reach for when going on a date, or to a club to party it up with my friends, I like knowing a little perspiration isn't going to send it smudging all over the place and I like the solid sharp line it creates. So I guess the winner depends on what you're looking for from an eye liner.

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Entering is easy, so click on the above links to find out how!

My new years resolutions!

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I'm always reluctant to make new years resolutions, I absolutely loath starting something and not finishing it, or not doing something I set out to do. That being said I think setting goals is really important in order to be successful in life. I like goals, I'm just not sure on setting goals just because it's New Years (mainly because I always set silly goals and never achieve them).

2012 is going to be a huge year of change for me, well we, Charlie and I. I'm leaving the comfort and safety of a well paying and easy job in Korea, moving back to South Africa to look for my first "real" job (I mean I guess that's not fair, teaching in Korea was a real job, its just that its not what I want to do with the rest of my life, so I'm going to rephrase that as look for my first career job, doing what I studied to do, well hopefully!) We're going from living independently to staying in the cottage on Charlie Brown's parents land which they have generously lent us until we find our feet. Staying in a new town I've never lived in before. Charlie applying to masters. I just feel that everything is up in the air and there is very little certainty. I'm totally excited about our new adventures and new challenges but at the same time if I'm honest with you and myself, I'm pretty adverse to change.

Anyway, with all this change floating around here's my list:

  • Worry less in general!
  • Get a job that inspires me and encourages me to grow (I've felt a little stagnant here)
  • Blog more and get more followers
  • Give Charlie more hugs and kisses ( he's so wonderful and I never want him to forget how much he means to me)
  • Take time to appreciate life
  • Alway place travel as a priority in life
  • Spend as much time with family as possible (spending two years away from them was two years to many)
  • Take more photos! 
  • Be less hard on myself and more confident in all regards
  • Be more healthy
  • Get a pet, a puppy hopefully, we want a little french bulldog desperately
  • Floss more, its definitely something I have to work on
  • Be as happy as possible because I really believe that you are in charge of your own happiness
I can tell 2012 is going to be a special year, I've always been lucky and with my awesome support system by my side I know everything and anything is possible.

Care to share your goals for 2012?