Gel vs. liquid eyeliner

The two contenders come head to head! 
On the left, always bold in black, MAC's eye-liner gel competing with the ever sleek, MAC's liquid eyeliner on the right.

Eye-liner gel
Don't be mislead, this little pot packs a mighty punch and definitely provides bang for your buck as it lasts forever!

In my opinion it's much easier to apply than the liquid liner. It allows a greater margin for error when applying and provides more control than one might get from the liquid gel brush.

Over-all I find the gel provides a slightly softer look than the liquid liner.

Liquid Eye Liner
Bolder than then gel liner, liquid liner definitely makes a strong sleek statement. Perfect for nights on the prowl or achieving a clean cat eye.

It's slightly more difficult to master applying, and hard to correct if you make a mistake. However,
one of the great benefits of the liquid eye liner is that you don't have to buy (and carry around) a special brush just to apply it.

Another perk of this magic little product is that I find it lasts much longer on your face and is a lot less likely to smudge than the gel liner.

The winner
It's hard to say and I honestly can't chose, I own them both and use them both as regularly as each other. I tend to go with the gel liner when I'm going to work, want a softer look and need something I can apply with ease in a rush (which I often am in the morning). That being said the liquid liner is the first thing I reach for when going on a date, or to a club to party it up with my friends, I like knowing a little perspiration isn't going to send it smudging all over the place and I like the solid sharp line it creates. So I guess the winner depends on what you're looking for from an eye liner.

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