Scavenger hunt fun

Looking for a fun activity for your kids or students? Well look no further! Scavenger hunts are so much fun to participate in and cost barely anything to put together.

You can create a specific theme or just combine a bunch of random activities.
  • Build a snow man and take a picture
  • Hit a ping pong ball with a bat 20 times without dropping the ball ( if you drop the ball start again)
  • Take a photo of you and an animal
  • Find Bella and Edward ( I made this scavenger hunt for my students and one of the english books in their classroom is Twilight)
  • Sing a whole Karaoke song
  • Build a house of cards
  • Move 3 ping pong balls from one table to another using only a straw
  • Build a tower out of paper cups
  • Design an outfit using only newspaper and scotch tape
  • Read a sentence or paragraph backwards (depending on students age or english capabilities.
  • Blow a bubble with Chewing gum
  • Balance a ball on your head for 20 seconds
  • Drink 5 cups of water in 30 seconds
  • Count to ten in another language
  • Paint a team mates face with face paint
  • Skip on the spot for 1minute
There are just a few fun ideas, I placed colourful envelopes all arround the school with clues and instructions for the next task. Inside each envelope were numbered stickers. Students had to complete the task and collect the stickers in the correct number order.

Happy Hunting

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