A travel tip or two

I have done my fair share of traveling in the last 2 years, specifically around South East Asia and thought I'd share some of the things I find helpful.

Secret Money-belt
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Now I know the very mention of the word money-belt has most of your cringing. But the secret money belt really is my top tip. I bought one in the airport on my first trip out of Korea, and have stuck with it ever since. If your not staying in the classiest of establishments and worry about your money and passports safety, this is a great buy. Take a little money out each day for your daily spending and place the rest of it in the money belt along with your passport or credit card. Put the belt inside your pants/skirt/shorts so that no one but you even know's it's. That way, even if  you are mugged or your bag is unfortunately stolen, your important documentation  and majority of money is safe inside your pants:P

Roll your clothes
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That's right ladies and gents rolling your clothes tightly instead of folding them not only lessens the chance of wrinkles but it also saves a lot of space. Try it out, you'll see.

Cash passport or global ATM card
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If you're like me and don't own a credit card things can get a little tricky! I find travelers checks are such a burden these days, especially when going to more rural destinations, changing them can be a pain in the bum. But at the same time as saying that, who wants the responsibility of all that cash! What Charlie and I like to do is split the spending money carrying some of it in cash and the rest of it in a cash passport or global ATM card. If you are currently living in Korea KEB bank offers a great global ATM card that works at any ATM that sports a 'Plus' logo. * Cash passports are not available to foreigners living in Korea.

Take some over-the-counter medicine with you
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Take a basic medicine with you, traveling in South East Asia your risk of getting an upset tummy, or headache from the heat is likely.  We once got caught without pain killers in America, and had to pay a hefty doctors bill just so that he could prescribe some.

Take a towel
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Having been used to traveling with my parents and staying in "fancier" joints, it never occurred to me that in a less fancy place I might need to take my own bath/beach towel, so that's just a heads up.

Pack sensibly
If you're traveling in South East Asia, (well traveling like me on a budget), it's really not a fashion show, take some slops/thongs and maybe a pair of trainers. But seriously- you don't need those stilettos! Most of the time it's pretty humid so take light and comfy clothing and a few beach wear items.

The less you take, the less you risk losing
Traveling has its risks, and maybe I'm a little overly cautions, but I try to avoid taking any unnecessary special/ expensive items. If you want to accessorize take some costume jewelry that you don't mind losing to much. Or take items that you will ware every day. Don't take expensive/lavish jewelry changes.

Leave space in that bag
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It's easily to cheaply shop up a storm in South East Asia, so make sure you haven't reached that 20 kilogram luggage limit before you've even left your house.

Think safe
Send a family member/ close friend your travel schedule, including flight details, hotels, dates and a copy of your passport. So that if anything happens someone will be able to help, or at least know where you are.

Carry a bottle of water
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Hot weather conditions and site seeing will often leave you thirsty. Make sure to carry arround a bottle of water, not only will it keep you hydrated but it will save you money not having to buy a drink every time you're a little thirsty.

Happy Traveling