Great ways to spend time on the internet

The internet can be a distracting place at the best of times, one link leads to another and before you know it hours have passed and there are about 100 tabs open in your browser. You find yourself wondering how you went from quickly messaging a friend, to designing an online photo album, to watching a video of a stranger's baby throwing a massive tantrum...

Unfortunately, this post has nothing to do with how to avoid this kind of rampant procrastination, no, if anything it's going to encourage it. Below I'm going to list a few of my favorite sites to 'hang out' at.

The first site I strongly encourage you to check out (if you haven't already) is Pinterest. Pinterest is basically a virtual pin board. You have to request and invite to join the site- but once you have been accepted there is no limit to the number of pin boards you can create or the number of things you can pin on them. What's even more fun is that you can follow your friends and they can follow you. 

It's really easy to do too. You can either download the image you want to pin, or just add a "pin it button" to your bookmarks bar on you browser and then anytime you come across a picture you like "pin it".

Not only is pinterest a great way to find inspiration when it comes to just about anything, but it's also a really cool way to organize you thoughts. As I have wedding planning on my mind- although no set date in sight, I'v been using it to pin different wedding ideas I stumble across, so that when we do finally set the date I'll have a whole bunch of ideas I know I already like at my fingertips.

Feel free to follow my pinterest here.

Another space I spend a lot of time hanging out at is Perez Hilton, living in Korea means that english magazines are often not easily available, and I have to shamefully admit that I do enjoy a bit of celeb staking every now and again. Reading Perez keeps me entertained with all the Hollywood drama and up-to-date with any major breaking news.

A really cool site I've recently stumbled across is called tinyprints, here you can design anything from photo books to your own personalized stationary. With the holiday season just around the corner making your own calendar or christmas card is a piece of cake, plus they ship all over the world.

These are just a few of my favorites,  if you know any good sites to hang out at please share in the "comment" section below.

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