Jinhae Cherry Blossom festival

Realizing the other day that we (Chris and I) only have 4 and a half months left in Korea lead me to reminisce about some of the amazing times we’ve had here and the cool things we’ve done.
One of the most amazing weekends for me was our trip down south to the cherry blossom festival in Jinhae.
The five hour trip from Taean to Jinhae was more than a little off-putting for Chris who couldn’t understand why we had to go “all that way just to see a few flowers.” Luckily I managed to get my way, because after less than an hour in Jinhae even Chris was a fan.
Not only will you see more cherry blossom trees in Jinhae than anywhere else in Korea, but there is heaps of other stuff to do too, including a funfair, cultural shows, flea market, cable car, carnival games and tons of amazing food.
The festival runs every year from the 1st -10th of April. For more information on the festival go here.

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