Seven Makeup Must haves!

Every girl has that one weakness, that weakness that no matter how hard you try always results in spending money you don’t have, on things you don’t need, but would absolutely die without.
For some girls that “thing” is shoes, for others its handbags and for many its clothes. For me, it’s Make-up. No matter how hard I try can’t seem to pass the MAC Make-up counter at any department store without some inexplicable gravitational pull forcing me to go and have a closer look at it. And once I’m there, surrounded by all of those perfectly packaged pretty pots of colour, encircled by all those flawless sales personal, I sigh and realise its too late. Once again my addiction has won the war and my savings account is in grave danger.

After years and years of succumbing to my little (ok…big) Make-up fetish I find myself never straying from 7 fundamental Make-up items. No matter what look I’m striving to achieve it’s almost certain that these 7 little wonders are going to feature.

Maxfactor False lash effect Mascara
Colour: Black
Expected life span: 3 months
Finding that perfect mascara is never and easy task, and just because it works for Suzy down the street, doesn’t necessarily mean its going to work for you. At the end of the day it takes a lot of trial and error to find that mascara that gives you everything you want and more.
After years of trial and error and purchasing products from convenience store mascaras to top on the range designer mascaras, the undisputed winner in my opinion is Maxfactor’s false lash effect mascara. Its oversize rubbery brush easily separates my lashes adding both length and thickness to them, definitely achieving a bolder than subtler look.

Bobbi Brown corrector
Colour: Porcelain Bisque
Expected life span: 6 months
This tiny tub of magic is great for hiding those dark circles under your eyes or that blemish on your chin. Giving you that porcelain perfection look time after time regardless of how heavy of a night you had the night before.
And best of all, because such a little goes such a long way, it can last up to about 6 months.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid
Colour: NW 20
Time: 2/3 months if used daily and as liberally as I apply it
I must admit I’m more prone to liking foundation that is going to give me a lot of coverage. If you’re more into the natural look, this product probably isn’t for you.
However, if you, like me, like your skin to look as flawless as possible, then this foundation is as valuable as gold.
Providing all-over coverage, I couldn’t imagine a night out without it.
Update: this is no longer my favorite foundation as it seems to darken over time. To find out all about my new favorite go here!

Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm
Color: 14
Expected life span: I’ve has this tube for ages and it hasn’t run out yet so can’t put an exact life span on it.
Lipstick/lip gloss is not something I regularly wear, firstly because most lipsticks/glosses/balms leave my lips chapped and feeling dry and secondly, because my fiancé has some strange dislike for it…
Anyway, I haven’t found a solution to my second problem, other than to defy him and put it on anyway *insert evil laugh.  I have however finally found a solution to my first problem, Clarins’ Colour quench lip balm. One of the only products I’ve found (and trust me I’ve tried many), which doesn’t send my lips into protest.

MAC Powder Blush
Colour: Margin Frost
Expected life span: Depending how often you use it up to a year or even longer
Blush is great for not only emphasising your cheekbones but also giving your face back some of that healthy colour which may have been masked by your foundation.
I love the colour of this blush, and the ease with which it goes on. Start of applying a small amount and build it up until you’ve got the look you were going for.
Hint: try applying a little big of blush to you eyelids with your blush brush. It acts well at creating the illusion that your eye is bigger and brighter especially if you’re going for a more minimalist look, or acts well as an eye-shadow primer.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder
Colour: Pale yellow 1
Expected life span: +6 months
One of the things I love most about this product is how long it lasts. Although more pricey than other pressed powders that I have tried, I have found it to last about 3 times as long.
Pressed powder is great for applying on top of your foundation. Not only does it set the foundation in place but it also creates a more finished and flawless look.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish
Colour: Soft and gentle
Expected life span: +6months
I must say when I first saw this product I umm’d and ah’d over it for some time as its pretty expensive. But ever since I took the plunge and splurged on it I have not looked back. Not only does the product itself really last for a long time, but its great at creating a healthy and natural glow. Apply above your blusher and blend for best results.


  1. Love your blog :) Thanx for the make-up must haves. Lizelle xxx

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