30 days of me: Day 2

Todays challenge is to share the meaning behind your blog name, so here's the story.
That's me in the middle, my brother on the right and a close family friend's baby on the left. I guess I would have been a little too old for The Binki Box at this point in my life- but I don't have any older digital baby photos, so this will have to do.
When I was a little girl, too little to actually remember, too little to even walk, my parents bought a special cot for me that was able to clip onto wheels, so it served the dual purpose of a cot and a pram/push chair. While in the cot my dad used to sing a song which went along the lines of "a binki a bonky daddy bought a donkey," and as a result my chariot was named 'The Binki Box", and the nickname "Binki" was bestowed upon me. 

I guess I've always thought of The Binki Box as a happy, fun, safe little place, which I could go anywhere in, and thats why I chose to call my website and blog The Binki Box.


  1. Highly enjoyed reading this piece! It was something short, yet at the same time something personal which gives readers insight into the person behind the blog. I'm a very sentimental person and I love that you took something from your childhood and from your past, and carried it through and gave it such meaning into your present and future!

  2. Enjoyed reading where the BInki Box came from

  3. Thanks so much Lindi for the lovely comment, really appreciate it.

  4. Glad you enjoyed it Denise, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment:)