Zebra nail art tutorial (Konad)

I was visiting a friend of mine last year and I couldn't help but notice how amazing her nails looked. As we live in a really little town in Korea I was interested to find out where she had her nails done. It was then that she told me that she had done them herself, the results looked so professional that I couldn't believe it. So she let me in on her little secret...Konad. Konad is a company that specializes in nail art products, I managed to find my stuff on a local shopping website Gmarket, but for those not in Korea there are outlets all over the place, check out the listings here to see if there's one near you. 

My nails thank you Megan for opening my eyes to the amazingness that is Konad, my bank balance however, does not.

You will need:
  • Any regular base coat
  • Colour coat ( use any colour of your choice, I used white in this example)
  • Top coat (to prevent chipping and longer lasting results)
  • Special nail polish for the stamp, these come in a wide variety of colors and are available here.
  • An Image plate, (I used M57) but again there are a wide variety to chose from here
  • The stamp itself
  • A scraper to remove the excess paint from the image plate (this can be substituted with an old debit card or something smilar)
  • O.P.I  or other rapid dry spray of your choice ( this can be substituted with time and patience)
  • A corrector pen (this can be substituded with an ear bud and some nail varnish remover)
  • A sponge to clean your stamp with before reapplying

Top left: Apply a clear base coat
Top right: Paint two coats of your colour layer
Bottom left: Apply a clear top coat
Bottom right: Spray a rapid drying agent or wait for your nails to dry. It is very important that your nails  are completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Top left: Once your nails are completely dry and look something along the lines of what you can see in
the picture, move onto the next step.
Top middle: Apply the special nail polish to the image plate.
Top right: Using a scraper, or an old debit card you no longer use, scrape the excess paint off of the
image plate.
Bottom left: Using your stamp roll the stamp over the image plate pressing down firmly.
Bottom right: If your satisfied with the way the polish transferred onto the stamp, position the stamp to 
ensure it will cover your whole nail, and then roll the stamp across your finger nail.

Left:Once you have repeated the above step for all of your fingers your nails should look similar to the image on the left. As you can see there is a lot of excess stamp around the finger nail. Using a corrector pen or earbud and nail varnish remover carefully rub the excess away.
Right: And thats it your done :)

More thanks goes to Chris for helping me take these pics:) and Inferlogic for the cool zebra background used in my picture frames.

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