30 days of me: Day 6

Todays challenge is to tell you all who my favorite super hero is and why. Well, my favorite superhero is a little obscure, his name's Captain Awesome, I'm not sure that you would have heard of him. But I'm definitely his biggest fan.

At Rhodes, (the little university Chris and I went to) it's become a sort of a tradition to have a big 21st and give your 21st a theme that everyone comes dressed up as. The more creative and outlandish the theme, the better. For Chris's 21st (more than 3 years ago) he decide upon the theme "Obscure Superhero's," and created his very own pseudo personality- "Captain Awesome."
As Chris is my real life superhero; he has saved my life more times than I can count, and miraculously appears whenever I need him, plus he's totally awesome, he's my obvious choice (he needs to work on the catching me in mid air thing though).

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