30 days of me: Day 15

I have decided to skip day 13 and 14 for now. 13 because I'm not sure I'm ready do open such a big door, and 14 because I can't find a nice picture of me and my family all together that isn't like 15 years old! How terrible is that?!

So, I'll come back to that, but for now I'm putting my I-pod on shuffle and telling you the first 10 songs that play apparently!
Source: Unknown
  1. Carnival Town, Norah Jones from the album "Feels like home"
  2. Breath Again, Sarah Bareillies, from the album "Kaleidoscope heart" (this has go to be one of my favorite albums of the year.
  3. Gap, The Kooks, from the album "Konk"
  4. I Could Say, Lily Allen, from the album "It's Not Me It's You"
  5. Now I'm Here, Queen, from the album "Greatest hits 1"
  6. If I Were a Boy, Beyonce, from the album "I am...Sasha Fierce"
  7. 1985, Bowling for Soup, from the album "A Hangover You Don't Deserve" (It's impossible not to sing along to this song!)
  8. Girl I Wanna Lay You Down, Jack Johnson
  9. 7/4 (Shoreline), Broken Social Scene, from the album "Broken Social Scene"
  10. I Know, Fiona Apple, from the album "When The Pawn"
There you have it, had more fun making this list than I thought I would, brought back some good 'ol memories. If you give it a go let me know:)

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