A Glitzy Trio

I was feeling a little down and thought I'd lighten things up a little, with a glitzy trio of nail art glamor.

It's super quick and easy to do!

Here's what you'll need:

  • A light base coat
  • 3 different colours of nail varnish varying in shade from light to dark
  • A glittery nail varnish
  • A small sponge
  • A piece of tinfoil or plastic
Here's what you have to do:

  • Apply the light base coat and wait for it to dry
  • Paint three lines of different colour onto the piece of plastic or tinfoil, (make sure that the colours increase from light to dark)
  • Dab a sponge onto the painted lines on the plastic
  • Carefully roll the sponge across your finger nail
  • Paint over the lines on the tinfoil, dab with a sponge and repeat on your next nail.
  • Once all nails are completed, paint over them with a glittery nail varnish to blend the colours more and finish the look.
  • Once you're finished clean around the edge of your fingers where there may be some excess paint, ( an earbud coated in nail varnish remover should do the trick!)

And voila! You're finished

Get this cool photoshop action here from mis-etikate

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