30 days of me: Day 8

Todays challenge is to write about my short term goals for this month and why
  1. Reach 50 google followers on my blog. You can help me achieve this by going here- and clicking the "join this site" button in the top right of the page. It may take a few seconds to load, but will make me smile all day.
  2. Take more photos, with such little time left in Korea I want to capture as many moments as I can.
  3. Spend more time touching up my Adobe Illustrator skills!!! This should be number 1 on my list, I have been procrastinating and putting it off for too long now.
  4. This list would not be complete without something about weight-loss- so here goes;  lose 3 kilograms. This month I want to focus on a smaller (and hopefully more achievable goal) rather than the big and scary picture. One day at a time is my motto for this month.
  5. Spend less time internet shopping and looking at things I simply can not afford! With less than 4 months left in Korea it's crunch time when it comes to saving!
  6. Spend more time outside, I don't do it enough but enjoy it so much when I do.
"The biggest favor you can do yourself is to turn envy into inspiration." -Anonymous 

I would love to know what your goals for the month are so please share by leaving a comment.


  1. Like the idea of setting short term weight loss goals which are more attainable. My goal for this month is to get everything ready for Christmas so by the time that I go on leave on 9 December I don't have any more CHristmas shopping to do

  2. Thats such a good goal, that way when holiday time comes around you can just put your feet up and relax while everyone else is frantically doing their christmas shopping. On that note- do you have anything on your Christmas wish list?