30 days of me: Day 7

Today's challenge was to post a picture of someone or something that has had the biggest impact on me. It's been the easiest one thus far as it required no thinking at all. The person that has had the biggest impact on me is my mom.
My mom and brother in the kitchen at my parents house.
She's been there for me since I first popped my head out into the world (well actually 9 months and two weeks prior to that too.)

She's someone I know I can always rely on no matter what. She's my best friend, and my harshest critic. She always tells me the truth whether I want to hear it or not, and somehow always knows whats best for me. I know that even if the whole world turned its back on me she'd be there.
My mom on the right and her friend on the left at my mom's 50 birthday, themed "Great Gatsby"
She is the strongest person I have ever met, she has never given up even when life has been terribly difficult. She's funny, clever and beautiful, I feel so blessed to have the privilege of having her play such a huge role in my life.

I love you so much mom, thank you.

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