25 Days till Christmas! What's on your Wish list?

The festive season is finally here! And not a moment to soon! Christmas has got to be my favorite time of the year; delectable food, delicious deserts, excellent company, endless amounts of alcohol, and PRESENTS!!!Ok, no, seriously I do realize that Christmas is about a lot more than the above mentioned, but those things are pretty cool too! (The very thought of christmas has got me whipping out exclamation marks here, there and everywhere, so please excuse me!)

So for now, let's be shallow and talk about the present aspect of Christmas! What's on your list?

Here's my wish list for Santa, I'm going all out just for fun, I mean it's called a wish list right? So its allowed to be impractical, over the top and fun.

As I've gone a little photo obsessed, most of the stuff on this list is camera oriented, sorry if it's a bit boring. But I've tried to add some variety!

Swarovski "Holly Starfish pierced earrings"
I really like the idea of getting at least one Christmas present that you don't need at all. A pure 'want' item that you would never splash the money on for yourself. And this year that lavish and unnecessary gift are these little starfish. I have loved these earrings for as long as I can remember. They are so classic, and go with everything. What's not to love?
Christmas mince pies
My mom's mince pies have got to be the best. But at this point I'd settle for store bought ones. Unfortunately in Korea these little gems are hard-to-come-by (if not impossible)! I didn't even get one last year, hopefully this year i'll have more luck, if not though- definitely next year!

A Pooh Polaroid Camera
This is a totally unnecessary want in my life, but all the "cool" bloggers have one! So I want one too! Plus I think its such a nice idea to take special moment snapshots, put a little magnetic tape on the back and stick them to your fridge.

A Second Memory Card for my Camera
This falls under my reasonable and actually needed category. I would love second memory card for my camera, so that when one is full I don't have to go into panic mode deciding which photos to delete and save. Obviously the bigger the better- but any size will do, I'd just like it to be a "class 10."

A Second Camera Battery
Again a needed and reasonable want, for those days when one battery just isn't enough juice! I believe i need a LP-E8 (who knew)
Body Shop Vitamin E Set
I'v used the body shop's Vitamin E cleanser, toner and moisturizer for years, and I'm totally a fan. Alas, all of mine have run out (pretty much at the same time impressively) and I need some more. I'm categorizing this as necessary pampering. I would replace this myself, but as I'm leaving soon baggage weight is weighing heavily on my mind (see what I did there!). So If someone out there back home wants to treat me to this, you can save on postage:P And I'll pick it up in March!
DSLR Wireless remote
Very helpful for all of those self portrait pictures of me and Charlie Brown. The canon ones are a little pricey but you can pick up a no-name brand for around 6000won on G-market!
DSLR Camera Shutter Release
Shutter Releases are used with a tripod to prevent hand shake when taking a picture with a very slow shutter speed. Like everything in life these range from affordable to not so affordable, but you can pick one up easily for around 30 000won.
Camera Tripod
Don't say you didn't see this one coming after you read about the shutter release. I'd really like a tripod with a tilt and adjustable head. I'm loving this one from G-market available for only 20 000won.

So there you have it, pretty geeky hu!? If you're one of the 3 people I may be lucky enough to get a gift from this year, please consult with Charlie Brown (A.K.A Chris) so that I don't get the same gift twice:)

Now I've shared- it's your turn! What's on you're list?