2011 what a year! My red letter moments

I always like to take some time out at the end of each year and look back on moments, occasions or events that have really stood out for me. It's so easy to get bogged down and lose sight of all the happy moments  in life. I feel like so much emphasis is placed on the bad, that sometimes it's really important just to focus on the good and it really helps one realize how lucky they are.

So here are the moments from 2011 that have really stood out for me...

My In-laws visit to Korea for 2 weeks. 

It was so just so nice to see friendly faces and family from home. I love the Charlies' folks so much, they are just the most incredibly generous and warm people you could ever wish to meet and I'm so excited I get to be part of their family

Ruaans visit from South Africa

We have been so blessed with visitors from back home since we have been in Korea, as mentioned above Charlie's folks came to stay, last year Chris's best mate came to stay for 2 weeks, and this year another of Chris's friends came. It was his first trip oversea's and we had so much fun exploring Korea with him and showing him around.

Our trip to Thailand

Left: Me torturing Charlie. Top right: Sitting looking at the beach in Phuket. Bottom right: A drunken Charlie picks up his flip flops, they were both the same size, unfortunately they were also both right feet.
Has to be my favorite holiday destination of the year. There was a little bit of everything to do, and we just had so much fun. This trip was filled with countless red letter moments including; elephant back ridding, white water rafting, a lady boy cabaret show and moterbiking around an island together.

Our trip to Vietnam

Vietnam was a huge change of pace in comparison to Thailand, we were always on the go, and there was little time for relaxing. Red letter moments include mountain trekking in Sapa valley, going on a rickshaw through the busy streets in Hanoi and our cruise along Halong Bay. We met some wonderful people and got to experience a very different way of life.

Our trip to the Philippines

This was our first trip traveling with a friend, the lovely Leekalicious. I think traveling together really lets you learn a lot about someone else and maybe even a little about yourself. Moments that stick out for me are our trip to the underground river in Peurto Princess (now one of the 7 natural wonders of the world), scootering around the island, and Boracay in general. Wow, that place is heaven on earth.

Passing a 6month certificate in internet and web design

This one is pretty self explanatory, but I must say the feeling of accomplishment when one achieves something they have worked really hard for is a pretty priceless feeling.

Chris's 24th Birthday

Great food, great friends and the beach. This was just a fun filled day and I got to celebrate the birthday of the man I adore, with the man I adore. How lucky am I.

Christmas with Mike and Libby

Sharing Christmas with friends from home was just so nice and Libby put so much effort into the whole thing, it was really special.

2011 has been a very blessed year and happy year for me, I can't wait to see what's in store for 2012. I hope you all have a very Happy New Year, look after yourselves and keep safe:)

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  1. yay for next year. I want a Denise hug, sigh