*Our own activity advent calendar!*

This Sunday, as promised Charlie Brown and I sat down to make our own Christmas Activity Advent Calendar! We made a whole day of it, going for a walk into town to pick up some stationary, stopping for coffee and watching movies while we decorated our envelopes! To find out more about what an "activity advent calendar is all about go here.

Here are some of our favorites...

We suck some tape to the back of each envelope at the top, and wrote each days activity on the back of the envelope so that it's easy to flip the envelope up and see what the activity is. Alternatively you could just write out a list corresponding with each number and stick that up on the wall too.

I plan on buying a few packs of Hershey's Kisses tonight and sticking two chocolates next too each envelope so we know where we are in the countdown and get a delicious little treat every day:)


  1. Fun game - guess which numbers are mine, LOL.

    - Charlie Brown ;)

  2. yay Herbie features!

  3. that looks fantastic. You will have to do one in SA next year

  4. Looks really great.
    Is number 4 cleaning Herbie's cage ??

  5. @Denise are you sure about that? There's no way you won't be roped in!