Are you a fan of the personalized Christmas card?

I guess that the "take a photo of you and your family and pass it on as a christmas card" is more of an american tradition? I stand to be corrected, but the only self-made family portrait card I have ever received was from an american family friend, so maybe thats why I think that.

Anyway, in my experience they aren't a common occurrence in South Africa, at least within my group of friends and family. That being said I personally think they are a really awesome idea!

Last year, as I've mentioned before, was Charlie Brown and my first Christmas living abroad, as we knew our family would miss us terribly (I mean how could they not!) We decided to make our first ever personalized family portrait card, and spam their mail boxes with them so that they would be forced to put our faces on fridges arround South Africa.

So here's our card from last year... I've been a bit slow in making one this year, and our Christmas cards were sent away weeks ago. I still plan on making one, even if its just to post on my Facebook wall.

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