Make your own Activity Advent Calendar

Source: Unknown
I was doing my daily facebook stalk, when I saw my lovely and talented friend Megan had posted a picture of the "Activity Advent Calendar" her and her finance had put together. "What is this?" I thought, Having never heard of an "activity" advent calendar before. Anyway, I soon got the scoop, and for those of you, like me, who have never heard of this mysterious thing before, here's what it entails...

Basically it's just like a normal advent calendar you would usually use to count down the days till christmas, but instead of crossing of a number with a pen, or eating a yummy little chocolate, you assign a little unique task or activity for each day. You can cater your activities to your likes and hobbies, either focusing on you time, friend time, romance time, giving time, or all of the above.

Megan, like me, is currently an english teacher. With a little help from some of her students, she decorated these envelopes and made her own activity advent calendar! How cute!
Here are a few idea's to spark your own:
Take a long warm bubble bath with your significant other. Invite a bunch of friends round for hot chocolate and cookies. Bake something with friends. Make something with your friends. Go to a karaoke bar and sing only christmas songs. Watch an old-school Christmas movie. Take some time out to wright down 10 things your thankful for. Sit down with your partner and share 10 things your really love about them. Go stare at the stars! Make a snowman, or if your somewhere where its hot rather than cold, go skinny dipping! Decorate your Christmas tree. Send Christmas cards to friends and family. Have breakfast in bed. The possibilities are endless.

I can't wait to put together my own "activity advent calendar" with Charlie Brown this Sunday. Happiness.


  1. I can't wait to see how our activities intertwine and more than anything just make this a really HAPPY month!

  2. yay the tree is up, well done