Priceless Reindeer hand puppets

An example I made to give the students an idea of what we would be making.
(I stuck the one antler the wrong way around...opps!)

I've definitely got the holiday fever and I'm trying to pass it onto as many innocent bystanders as I can, and my students have made the perfect targets. My classroom at school is a winter wonderland (others might call it a bit of a mess) of flashing lights, secret santa gifts and hand made decorations. 

Todays classroom activity was to make Reindeer paper-bag hand-puppets. 

Many students stuck to the original template, giving their Reindeers their own personal stamp using glitter pens.

Some students varied slightly from the template...

Then there were the students who took their Reindeer? to a whole new level.
 (This is the finished product incase you were wondering)

Others gave Rudolph a more, (lost fro words here) Grunge look?

Then there were students who reinterpreted the "hands as antlers concept"
 (yes, those pink things are an outline of my students feet)

The naturally there had to be a punk-rock reindeer

And this little cutie too!
I love how creative kids are. It's been such a joy watching my kids having so much fun and getting into the Christmas spirit. I'm really going to miss these little buggers. *sigh


  1. Which one is Hanjo's?

  2. None of the above. Don't worry I have lots of other pictures:)